Main house

Our Main House, or “Queen Mother”;)

The great advantage of our AGROTOURISM is the fact that we are located in the second largest forest complex in Poland, which allows you to enjoy its charms fully without stepping on tourists at every step. 

We all value peace and intimacy here, and thus, we also try to provide you with such conditions. Another advantage is the huge number of lakes. 

Bory Tucholskie is, for a change, the fourth complex of lakes in Poland. We even have one small pond with fish ourselves;). The last argument that will crush all doubts is that, as I mentioned, we offer brilliant food !!! It is prepared, of course, from fresh and natural products (for whom it is not;)), but it is made by a real master chef who will satisfy the most demanding palates.

We cordially invite you to our house all year round!

The heating is provided by a powerful central oven that electronically monitors the right temperature in your rooms and in the taps :). A GIANT fireplace in the living room (the size of a small car) completes the guarantee of warmth (we hate the cold!), so even in winter you can warm up in our House, if you prefer :). 

All rooms are equipped with bathrooms with under floor heating. Three rooms have terraces and one has a cozy “spruce” has roof window, which is a lot of fun while watching the clear sky and listening to the downpour :).


A full stay includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, accommodation, insurance, tour maps, etc.
The first night is: 146 PLN/person. 
Weekend – 289 PLN/ person.
Week – 999 PLN/ person

Many times during our stay we organize bonfires, barbecues, sausages and other wonders 🙂 and it is never associated with any additional payments. We do it for ourselves and we invite you 🙂