Hut "TENEBRIS" means "DARK ONE" 🙂

Contrary to assumptions, it is quite a large hut with a vestibule, a living room with a fireplace and a bathroom 🙂 . The living room is large, comfortable and moderately tall 🙂 . In the living room we put a mega comfortable sofa, so you can rest with a book and do nothing staring at the fireplace. All elements of the house equipment (furniture) were made of solid wood by ourselves. 

Of course, at your disposal there is also a bathroom (low passage) and a very spacious bedroom with a large double bed and a “plus” bed, so to speak :). The “TENEBRIS” hut is equipped with its own hot water tank, which will never run out, of course a fireplace, a constant supply of wood and it is very cozy in general! These things (we hope) will make your stay in our favorite Dwarf Hut will remain in your memory for a long time 🙂

In addition, it must be added that the hut has been designed and built in such a way that our guests can sleep with their heads facing the north, which ensures a brilliant sleep. In addition, under the cover of light earth and using very modern windows, we can assure you that in such silence you have not yet slept – of course you can hear the crackling of the fire in the fireplace, but otherwise … nothing!