Photos and links to the subpages of dwarves' huts and our Main House

Hut 1 “TENEBRIS” which means DARK ONE 🙂

A hut designed for two or three people, but … A large double bed and an additional slightly smaller bed :). No kitchenette – only with board :). An additional fold-out sofa by the fireplace, so even 5 people can fit …;)

lounge in Hut 1 <3

Hut 2 “VINARIAM” which means a SMALL CELLAR.

Large Dwarf Hut, for 5 people, 3 rooms + bathroom. A year-round hut, warm, cozy, heated by a fireplace. A small kitchenette, outside grill and a place to rest. An additional sofa by the fireplace :), also up to 7 people will come in … when they are small 🙂

Living room 🙂 – now there is a comfortable sofa by the fireplace.

Hut 3 “CAVERNA” means CAVE:

4-person hut, slightly smaller than Hut 2 but larger than H1. 4-person room, two bedrooms, living room, bathroom. Of course, nice and warm, all-year-round with a large window to the world 🙂  “american” sofa by the fireplace

View from the outside – right after the completion of construction, snow fell 🙂

Hut 4 “URSA” means the BEAR’S BURROW :

4-person hut, slightly smaller than H2 but larger than H3. The main bedroom connected with the living room and an additional bedroom for 2 people, bathroom. Of course, nice and warm, all year round with a large window to the world :). An additional, comfortable, double sofa bed by the fireplace.

Fantastic, spacious and very bright house – definitely for dreamers;)

Hut 5 “SILVA” means BACKWOODS 🙂

A brilliant 4-person Hut hidden in the forest. As always, absolutely beautiful, warm and you can live in it all year round :). By the fireplace, of course, a large, comfortable sofa, also 6 people will enter :).

our jewel in the crown;)

Hut Agro simply means Agro – from agroturism :):

The Cabin is perfect for a large family or a group of friends (up to 9 places). On the first floor there are 2 + 1, 1 + 1, 1 bedrooms. Downstairs there is a living room and a bathroom. In the living room, two beds and a large corner sofa bed.

Domek Agro - duży wygodny, z 3 sypialniami :)

Our Basic House, or “Queen Mother”;)  

A laaarge house for us and our guests. Upstairs, 4 rooms: 2, 3, 4 and 6 persons. Each with private bathroom and balcony. On the ground floor there is a huge living room with an even larger fireplace. The advantage of living in the Main House is that you don’t have to keep an eye on the fire in the fireplace and there is central heating, which is much more comfortable for a mother with a child, than a hut in which you have to keep fire in the winter :). Besides, you can go down to breakfast in pajamas 🙂

Salon z kominkiem i kosmicznym nagłośnieniem... jak u babci na wsi :)