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We invite you to familiarize yourself with our stay offer 🙂 
From quite lazy rest to one that causes dizziness and a thrill 🙂 – details in Attractions 🙂

Bory Tucholskie is the second largest forest complex in Poland. With the really little commercialization of the area, it gives such great opportunities for recreation that it is difficult to imagine better :).

We cordially invite everyone who dreams of a wonderful holiday!

In our offer you will certainly find something for yourself: 
Our agritourism farm in Bory Tucholskie is a place created from an old, forgotten by the world forester’s lodge, so our house is located in a brilliant place between forests in almost total wilderness :). Moreover, especially for you, WE HAVE PHENOMENAL ALL-YEAR HOUSES OF DWARVES !!! IN ADDITION, ELVES, RUSSALS, WITCHES AND Fairy Tales 😉 and in the form of HOBBIT HOUSES. A house with a fireplace (or houses with fireplaces) in Bory Tucholskie is certainly one of the best attractions, but that’s not all 🙂


  • Rest on the spot – rooms for 2, 3, 4 persons with bathrooms and a two-room apartment, also with a bathroom – at home.
  • New, comfortable AGRITOURIST HUTS. Each with a fireplace, of course a kitchenette, a grill by the house, a bench, a hammock, and horses outside the window … eh …
  • FANTASTIC FOOD! Prepared by (in my opinion) fanatics of excellent cuisine!
  • Peace and quiet that allow us to see the beauty of tiny and fleeting things, usually beyond our senses.
  • Unimaginable possibilities for mushroom pickers. We have a lot of forest 🙂 and mushrooms are just there. Only you have to get up early … 🙂
  • Fish – well … I don’t know fish and I won’t say it’s full. I know, however, that there are fishermen, there are lake complexes and I even know where you can buy permits :). BUT! We have our own pond with a prepared place for fishing and you can catch carp and a lot of … well, Karasi Złocistych. Anyway, I pull something like this 🙂
  • It is possible to visit “several” wonderful places in Bory Tucholskie. Some are open-air museums, others are natural monuments, and many are simply related to some legends. Sometimes (my favorite) they are simply the most beautiful places you can see … and nobody calls them, nobody puts them on the map – fortunately. 
  • Homey, intimate atmosphere :). Well, it cannot be said, it has to be experienced, but I assure you that it is …;)

Of course, we cordially invite you for the WHOLE YEAR! The huts have fireplaces and are perfectly insulated 🙂 !