HA! The most difficult subpage … So I will write roughly and if you need to, you can always ask 🙂

  • Canoeing & kayaking!
    Huge possibilities – many rivers with different levels of difficulty. From those for swimming with little children or people who think that they are too old or too heavy for a kayaking trip to those where you need to get fit to go home for dinner 🙂 . There really are RIVERS FOR EVERYONE here! I am happy to point out a good one, and maybe I will go to pilot myself 🙂 .
  • Cycling trips!
    Fantastic bike routes. The short ones, where you can go with your little ones, and those over 80 km 🙂 . We are pleased to show you the most beautiful places of Bory Tucholskie. You will see many of them as the only ones because no one knows them or even knows they exist 😉 . 
  • Rent a scooter 🙂 ! 
    Our newest idea 🙂 . Although the idea has been around for a long time – now it has just been realized 😉 . The sensational opportunity to explore the area on brand new scooters gives you extraordinary freedom of movement and really amazing fun 🙂 . We recommend you at least try it – all you need is an ID card and you can go 🙂 .
  • Meats, sausages and other cold cuts !!! 
    Of course!!! We make amazing sausages and meats! Everything in the House, WITH YOU! We cut, season, load them into the machine and stuff them into those, well… 🙂 . Then we smoke in SMOKE (LAST TIMES IT IS A CRIME IN EUROP :)) and you can eat 🙂 ….. mmmmmm lick your fingers 🙂 .
  • Sightseeing points:
    Stone Circles, Fojutowo Aqueduct, Cisów Reserve, Stążka Springs…
  • In addition, they are simply crazy about parks nearby;) – Bory Tucholskie National Park, Brda National Park, Śliwice Protected Landscape Area, Wda Landscape Park, Natura 2000 Area.
  • Lots of ruins, cemeteries, castles, famous holes in the ground after World War II 😉 and damn it knows what else – it’s impossible to visit all this :). I have not even mentioned the incredible number of animals that roam “our” forests 🙂 .
  • Mushrooms – this is something really amazing 🙂 !!! I never liked collecting, until suddenly old age caught me 🙂 . AND LOVE IT! We have beautiful forests for mushroom picking and we also have mushroom dryers in reserve 🙂 – you will not leave empty-handed 🙂 .
  • Fish, fish – lots of lakes in the area, spare fishing rods and even a boat. Will make fishing enthusiasts have their own paradise here 🙂 – even we have our own pond with fish 🙂 … I think… 😉
  • Horses, goat, dog, cats, hares:  that is our entire menagerie – it’s a pity to talk 🙂
  • Motorbike rides and trips :)!
    I am a fan of motorbikes, so you can rent a motorbike from us and, under the watchful eye of the pilot, visit more distant, but equally beautiful places of Bory Tucholskie. For all those who have a moto and do not know where to go to see the most beautiful routes of places and pubs 🙂 .