Booking rules


§ 1

We start the hotel day at 18.00, we finish at 15.00. In high season and at weekends, we do not rent rooms, huts by the hour, or for single days, as well as in the option of self catering.

§ 2
The reservation may be submitted by e-mail or in person at the our Horse Riding Center, hereinafter referred to as HRC, with the proviso that making the reservation is considered effective only when you pay the deposit and confirm the reservation (also orally) by the HRC.

§ 3
By making an advance payment, you accept the regulations and confirm the conclusion of a commercial contract for the provision of tourist services. By booking your stay, you enter into a direct (legally binding) contractual relationship with our company. The legal basis for the party is the Tourist Services Act.

§ 4
Confirmation of the reservation is an advance payment within the agreed period, not longer than 3 days from the date of entering into the list of participants, in the amount of at least 30% of the price of the stay, unless the organizer indicates otherwise.

§ 5
The advance payment should be made to: “SKRĘT” Equestrian Center – Marek Garlicki, Iwiec 126, 89-512 Iwiec

1. Directly in the “SKRĘT” Center,

2. To the account number provided by the organizer:
Bank Millennium: PL 91 1160 2202 0000 0004 6118 8576
Advance payment title: RESERVATION NO,

3. by postal order.

§ 6
Lack of receipt of the deposit within the agreed period of 3 days means resignation from the reservation and automatic deletion from the reservation system operated in the HRC and the recognition that the parties have not concluded a contract for the provision of tourist services.

§ 7
The remuneration of the “SKRĘT” Equestrian Center for the tourist services ordered, reduced by the value of the deposit, must be paid at the latest on arrival in the Center in cash or by bank transfer to the bank account (in this case, please provide a copy of the bank transfer).

§ 8
Failure to confirm the full payment of the due remuneration at the latest on the day of arrival for the stay, entitles the Center to immediately withdraw from the contract and suspend the provision of services, which are the subject of the contract for the provision of tourist services.


Cancellation Policy

§ 9
Our guests may at any time cancel the previously made reservation or stay, but in any case in accordance with art. 394 of the Civil Code, the down payment is forfeited – it is a non-returnable amount. The loss of the deposit may also occur if you do not make full payment on the day of arrival, and the Center exercises its right to immediately withdraw from the concluded contract.

§ 10
In the event of withdrawal from the contract within less than a month of the planned stay, the HRC has the right to claim a claim equal to the lost income in the amount of the full remuneration due for the booking period – and according to the calculation of the General Tax Office, it is 80% of the total amount. In the event of withdrawal from the contract after the date of commencement of the planned stay, through no fault of the organizer, the Center has the right to claim the full amount of the stay.

§ 11
Cancellation of the reservation on the terms specified above should be made in writing (by registered mail or by e-mail).


Stay at the “SKRĘT” Equestrian Center

§ 12
Handing over and returning rooms and a cabins to you after the stay takes place in the presence of an employee of the HRC. Important for the proper performance of the contract binding parties, please submit comments and reservations without delay in order to resolve them on the spot. Reservations that may affect the change of contractual terms and conditions binding the parties should be reported in writing, by fax or e-mail.

§ 13
We offer you rooms and dormitory family houses. A detailed description of our accommodation can be found on the website The stay of additional people must be agreed. Additional so-called “Extra beds” are available only on request and must be confirmed by the HRC.


§ 14
Please report any defects resulting from the use of the hut on a regular basis. Please report any damages caused during your stay without delay and settle them on the spot.


Par. 15 
Please leave the rooms and farmhouses in a proper order. A one-time fee of 100 PLN will be charged for an uncleaned house.


§ 16
For the exchange of bed linen on request, we charge an additional fee of PLN 10 / set. x person.


§ 17
The main house and huts are insured together with the equipment, and the HRC is a closed and supervised area. The resort is not responsible for valuables and money left in the rooms and houses, except for the claims accepted by the insurer.


§ 18
Please keep the quiet hours between 10.00 p.m. and 7.00 a.m. and respect the peace of others, also during the day. We especially ask you not to force others to listen to their own radios :).


§ 19
Only persons registered here are entitled to stay in the HRC. Please report invited guests from outside at their entrance to the Center and their exit. All persons not checked in, please leave it by 22:00. Stay of outside guests for more than 2 hours or not leaving the campsite until 22:00 requires check-in and payment according to the price list. Guests who are not checked in are not entitled to use the sanitary facilities and the car park.


§ 20
We do not provide parking spaces near the occupied house or tent. Please park only in designated parking spaces outside the green area. In individual cases, when the vehicle is standing in a green area, a fee will be charged for each trip according to the price list.

§ 21
The car park is unguarded, although under the constant supervision of surveillance cameras – in recording mode.

§ 22
During the holiday season, we do not organize horse riding for people staying on an agritourism stay.

§ 23
Your pets are welcome. However, please have an up-to-date vaccination record for your pet, clean litter on the premises of the HRC and walk dogs only on a leash.

§ 24
It is strictly forbidden to smoke in the house and in the houses. If smoking is found, a cleaning fee of PLN 500 will be added.

§ 25
Please do not litter the area with cigarette butts, keep order in the HRC.

§ 26
Any disputes requiring court decisions will be settled by the court competent for the seat of Ośrodek Jeździecki “SKRĘT” – District Court in Tuchola