The most pampered of our huts 🙂 … Beautiful, spacious and with a few new solutions 🙂 definitely higher standard 🙂 – Living room with a fireplace and a large comfortable sofa, table and comfortable pouffes, a bedroom on a raised floor with a view of the fireplace on one side and the grasslands and deep forest on the other (through the window placed literally on the level of the bed), an additional room with large, comfortable beds for two people and a beautiful bathroom! Of course, a micro annex with a kettle, fridge and sink 🙂 .

Due to the dream of practically everyone that a forest hut should have a real fireplace – we did it 🙂 . We have equipped the cabin with a wood-burning fireplace! You can make yourself really nice and warm. The combination of a fireplace with ceramic tiles “does the job” 🙂 ! The wood storage by the cottage (oak, birch, pine) is always available and at hand (we do not separate wood into pieces 🙂 ) gives a lot of comfort and nothing can replace a glass of wine in the evening by a burning fireplace. Unfortunately, we do not allow animals to this hut.

"SILVA" hut rental price list:

  • 1 day – PLN 259 for up to 5 people !!! (4-person cabin)
  • 2 days – 399 PLN, e.g. weekend?
  • Each next day over 2 days is PLN 169
  • One week – PLN 1239
  • The stay package is only PLN 89 per person/night! 

Renting a cottage is possible only with a stay package. Such a package includes: water, heating, electricity, bed linen, unlimited fire wood, insurance, and of course full board (3 meals a day). This is a calculation made for children and adolescents (most of whom we have), but we do not expect increases for adults. 

The stay day starts at 6 p.m. (dinner at 7 p.m. 🙂 ) and ends until 3 p.m. 🙂. 

Counting method: I come for 6 days in 4 people.

399 + 169 + 169 + 169 + 169 (hut) + 6 days x 4 people x PLN 89 (stay package) = PLN 1075 + PLN 2136 = PLN 3211.
3211 PLN / 4 people / 6 days = 134 PLN person-night with full board 🙂