Hut "CAVERNA"  meaning "CAVE" 🙂 !

We offer you a large, great hut for the whole family 🙂 – A living room with a fireplace, two bedrooms (a large one with a double bed and the other with two single beds). Spacious bathroom! In the salon, an annexe for the second time in our place :). Due to the dream of practically everyone, that such a house should have a real fireplace – we did it :). The cabin is equipped with a wood-burning fireplace! You can make yourself really nice and warm :). The combination of a fireplace with ceramic tiles “does the job” :)! The wood storage by the hut (oak, birch, pine) is always available and at hand (the wood supply for our guests is unlimited :)) gives a lot of comfort and nothing can replace a glass of wine in the evening by a burning fireplace.

In addition, it must be added that the cabin, like all ours, has been designed and built in such a way that our guests can sleep with their heads towards the north, which ensures a brilliant sleep. In the “CAVERNA” hut we have put in a large terrace window in the living room, which will allow you to watch the horses in the pasture, or run directly from the living room into the havy rain 🙂 please, at least in your pants :). Outside the window there are lawns with a barbecue area, benches and pastures with horses in the distance :). In addition, under the cover of light earth on the roof and with the use of very modern windows, we can assure you that you have not slept in such silence – of course, you can hear the crackling of the fire in the fireplace, but otherwise …. nothing!

"CAVERNA"  Hut Rent price list:

  • 1 day – PLN 223 for up to 5 people !!! (4-5 person house)
  • 2 days – 359 PLN, e.g. weekend?
  • Each next day over 2 days is PLN 149
  • One week – PLN 1099
  • The stay package is only PLN 89 per person/night!

Renting a cottage is possible only with a stay package. Such a package includes: water, heating, electricity, bed linen, unlimited fire wood, insurance, and of course full board (3 meals a day). This is a calculation made for children and adolescents (most of whom we have), but we do not expect increases for adults. 

The stay day starts at 6 pm (dinner at 7 pm :)) and ends until 3 pm :).

 Counting method: I come for 3 days in 5 people. 359 + 149 (cottage) + 3 days x 5 people x PLN 89 (stay package) = PLN 508 + PLN 1335 = PLN 1843. 1843 PLN / 5 people / 3 days = 123 PLN person / day with full board 🙂